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    Welcome to Mrs. Bradford's 7th Grade Math Class!
    This will be a fun and challenging year, and there are a few important things you should know so your child can be successful in my class.  First, there is Homework every night, which is due the next day.  It will be very important for your student to do their homework each night, or it becomes easy to fall behind.  Students will also have a Math Packet due each MondayEach week, students will make a packet out of all of the work done that week, and  will turn the packets in every Monday.  The packets are due on Mondays, so that they have the weekend to make-up any work missing due to absences   or other reasons.  Please make sure your child takes advantage of this extra time and turns in a complete packet each Monday.  As you probably remember from your own school days, students must always show their math work to get credit.  Any paper turned in with only answers will receive a zero and be returned to your child for correction.  It will then be considered late, and late work receives half credit. 

    There will also be quizzes and tests every week or two, often on Fridays.  Students can re-take tests the following Wednesday, at 8am in Room 12. Students have the ability to re-take tests that were missed from absences or tests that did not receive a passing grade of C or better.   If your child is taking a test for the 2nd time to improve a grade, the final grade will be the average of the two tests.  Unfortunately, it is very common for students to take a test a second time, only to fail the test again. This happens because they don't study the test they failed or practice the problems they missed.  Your child will need to study before they take the test Wednesday morning, so please make sure they have practiced similar problems from their text   book, reviewed the failed test, come in for extra help, etc.
    Finally, progress reports will be handed out approximately every 2 weeks.  These will show an overall grade, as well as individual scores for every test and assignment graded to date.  Please pay attention to any tests with a grade of D or F, and make sure your child comes to room 12 the following Wednesday morning to take it again.  Also pay attention to any "inc" (incomplete work) or "mi" (missing work, assignments not turned in).  Students should find and complete those assignments and turn them in for late (half) credit. Please sign these progress reports so that I know you are aware of  your child's current grade, and have your child bring the report back to me the following day.

    Again, this will be a great year, but it will be a challenge for many students. I will be available most Mondays and Wednesdays at 8am if your child needs to come in for extra help. There is also a Homework Club after school in the library that will start a few weeks into the school year, so please consider signing your child up for that.   Please call me at 668-5720, x4112, or stop by room 12 if you have any questions or concerns about your   student's grade or progress this year.  I look forward to meeting and working with you!
    Mrs. Bradford


  • School starts at 9am on August 17th.  I hope everyone had a great summer and now we're ready to learn!
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