• Teacher:     Mrs. Geary
    Position:    Academic and Behavior Support 
    School:      Avondale Elementary School 
    Location:   Room 12A
    Phone      (619) 668-5880, ext. 4295
    Email:        Joann.Geary@lmsvschools.org
  • The Academic & Behavior Support Teacher supports all the students at Avondale and serves in an integral support role for staff as well.  She facilitates programs such as Sunny Days, Safe School Ambassadors, Mt. Miguel tutors,UCSD tutors, and the Student Safety Patrol.  She teaches students in both individual and small group academic settings throughout the day.  Due to her varied daily schedule, e-mail communication is an ideal way to reach her.
    Did You Know?
    Mrs. Geary brings more than twenty years teaching experience to her position as ABST and Administrative Designee.  She has taught grades 2,3,4 and 5 and holds an advanced degree in Reading and Literacy.  A long-time member of the San Diego community she is also an alumni of San Diego State University.   
  • Mrs. Geary