Who is eligible for transportation?

    The district provides home-to-school of residence transportation to pupils in grades K–6 living beyond the established transportation boundary line. Students who meet the boundary requirement are eligible to apply for transportation. Transportation boundary line distances are as follows:
    • K–3      1 mile
    • 4–6       1 1/2 miles

    Bus Schedule

    Please check with the school regarding time schedules. Drop-off times are approximate. If you request that your kindergarten child is not to be let off the bus unless someone is there to meet them, your child will be returned to school if no one is at his/her stop.

    Students who need to get off their regular bus, at a designated bus stop other than their own, must have a permission slip from home, signed by the principal/designee. Every effort will be made by the drivers to have each student get off at his/her designated bus stop. A student who accidentally or willingly gets on the wrong bus will be returned to school where their parents will be called to arrange pickup of their student. If your student becomes sick during the day, he/she will be kept in the nurse's office until contact is made with the parents. In the best interest of everyone, infectious or severely ill students, e.g. (measles, vomiting, head lice, etc.), cannot be allowed to ride the bus home. 

    How to Apply for a Bus Pass


    There are 3 ways to get started:
    Go to the Transportation Department at 3838 Conrad Dr and apply for Transportation.  Turn in an Emergency Card along with payment (check, Money Order, or cash). Free Transportation may be provided to students who receive Free lunches at their school.

    Fill out an Emergency Card at your school (indicate bus stop), and the school will forward it to Transportation for approval.

    Download the Emergency Card from the La Mesa Spring - Valley Schools website and turn it in to Transportation or your school.
    Please call 619-668-5767 and press 2 to receive route number and bus stop information.  You may email the completed application to eva.garegnani@lmsvschools.org Incomplete applications will not be processed.
    The bus pass will be given to your child by the school bus driver. This will assist the driver in putting the name and face together.
    Tickets may be purchased at Transportation or at the students school.
    MONDAY - FRIDAY, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.