Welcome Message

  • Welcome to 2017-2018!!
    If you are visiting this site to find out more about home school, I look forward to hearing from you personally.  Home school provides parents the ability to modify the learning environment to suit the student's needs, monitor character development more closely, tailor the school day to foster extra-curricular focuses (like acting and  athletics), and even to plan vacations throughout the year.  Please call me if you have any questions (619-668-8366).  Ask for Pam.

Planting a Garden is Fun!

  •  too heavy!
    In September, we will plant our garden

Teacher Contact Info

  • Teacher:  Pam Burns
    School:  Home Independent Study
    Grade(s): Kinder-8th
    Location: Room 3
    Phone (619) 668-8366
    Fax:  (619) 668-8368
    Email:  pam.burns@lmsvsd.net
  •  Pam
    Miss Pam and Sammy