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Skills for Success


Our Expectations
   To be Safe, I will…
            Keep my hands, feet, body, and objects to myself
            Walk at all times, except on the playground
            Bring only safe and appropriate things to school
            Tell an adult at school and at home if I know someone isbeing bullied

   To be Respectful, I will…
            Follow the directions of all school adults
            Use kind language
            Use an inside voice
            Help others

   To be Responsible, I will…
            Take care of property
            Help keep my school clean
            Be on time and ready to learn
            Complete all assignments with my best effort

   To be Healthy, I will…
            Get enough sleep (at least 10 hours) each night
            Eat fruits and vegetables, and drink milk
            Be active during running club, recess, and P.E.
            Say NO! to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco