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Health & Wellness Policy

Reducing Childhood Obesity/Increasing Physical Activity

Communities Putting Prevention To Work
The La Mesa-Spring Valley School District in partnership with the San Diego County Office of Education is implementing the Healthy Schools portion of the County's "Communities Putting Prevention to Work". Our district was selected as a "Pioneer" District and is implementing activities to improve physical fitness and nutrition education. The public school portion of this grant focuses on a healthy school environment with the goal being to create a school environment that promotes nutrition, physical activity, and overall student wellness throughout the school day and in before and after school programs.
Specific objectives include:
  1. Increase moderate to vigorous physical activity in children
  2. Educate students and families about engaging in civic process regarding a healthier environment and focus on youth generated activities
  3. Draft and sponsor policies promoting wellness and physical activity throughout the school day and in before and after school programs
  4. Participate in "Breakfast in the Classroom" programs
  5. Participate in a Resident's Leadership Academy
Click on these resources for more information about promoting a more healthy menu for children and more activity to help kids stay healthy: