book swap

Book Swap- Jan 22-Feb 1

Turn in old books and get new to you books!  A great way to clean out your bookshelves and refill them with new to you books at no cost.  The first week will be collection week where we encourage students to donate books they have outgrown or have simply already read. We will also be collecting books for adults too. All donated books will be organized for the following week's, "Book Swap Shop". During this time, all students will have an opportunity to visit the Book Swap to pick out a "new book to them". Students who donated books will get to take home one book for every two donated books with a maximum of ten books given out per student. All students will get to take home at least one book, even if they didn't donate any. All leftover books will be donated to non-profit organizations that distribute books to those in need.  This is a fun and free event that promotes reading and recycling so clean off those bookshelves now. Thanks in advance for your support and donations!