2022 – 2023 Board

  • President – Mireya Gill 
  • VP Membership – Jessica
  • VP Ways and Means – Lori Hamblen 
  • VP Programs – Thao Crockett 
  • VP Volunteers – Sheridan Brownell 
  • VP Health and Safety – Lauren Knuth
  • Treasurer – James Colt
  • Secretary – Heather Melone 
  • Auditor – Molli Alvey 
  • Historian – Cydne Palmer
  • Parliamentarian – Melissa Simmons

If you have any questions please contact us at 

PTA Board Meetings
Our PTA Executive Board meets once a month on Thursday evenings. Meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. in the school library. These are “nitty gritty” discussions. Parents are welcome to attend, but in a limited capacity. Only Board Members may vote at these meetings. Non-board member interaction and discussion is limited. Parents are encouraged to attend to when specific items need to be addressed with the Executive Board. Please contact our PTA President one week in advance of an Executive Board meeting to get approval for time in the meeting agenda. Meeting dates are listed below and are posted to the school calendar.

PTA Association Meetings
The PTA Association meeting takes place twice per year. These are the primary meetings for Association members. The Association is made up of everyone who has joined the PTA this year. The Board will share their plans for the year, provide updates, and hold votes for key items (e.g. approving our programs, events and expenditures). Without the Association’s vote, the PTA cannot conduct the planned activities for the year. Please attend and support your PTA. Note, only those who have joined the PTA may vote during these meetings. 

PTA Committee Meetings
Committees get stuff done. Want to help with the Spring Fling, join that committee. Want to help with the Fall Carnival, join that committee. Want to be part of the Thanksgiving Food drive, join the committee. Committee meetings are held as needed. Please fill out our Lemon Ave Volunteer Interest Form and we will get you connected to the right committee.

Why You'll Love Lemon Avenue

  • Near the Heart of Downtown La Mesa
  • Active Parent Community Who Are Deeply Connected and Committed to Student Success
  • Creative and Work Closely with the Community
  • 2012 California Distinguished School

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