The first day of school is August 27, 2020. LMSV will begin the school year in online learning. 

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Dear Rancho Parents,

I hope this finds you and your loved ones well. We are in extraordinary times and the situation seems to change minute by minute, but I wanted to let you know where we are with regards for plans for the start of school.

Last spring, we all jumped into the new territory of distance learning together. Rancho staff worked hard to provide meaningful learning experiences for your child and to support you as you navigated orchestrating learning at home. Our goal was to partner with you and help your child continue learning their grade level learning, going beyond “busy-work”, but we know it was very challenging. The systems and supports needed by families and schools for successful systematic distance learning were not yet in place.

Now, as we start the new school year with distance learning, those systems and supports will be in place. We are going to be more formal and focused with structures that more effectively support your child (and you) for success with distance learning, learning that focuses on their grade-level content and standards.

Many of the details will be coming in time, but here are some important information to get you started.

  • Schedules: Your child will follow a set schedule every day, just as if they were at school. Stay tuned for our actual hours, but we will most likely begin at 7:50, like a normal school day. The ending time will go beyond the hours noted below because we still have to account for breaks and lunch from the total time. We will notify you once those schedules are finalized. For now, see below and add approximately 40 minutes to the time listed to estimate the total amount of time your child will be in school. Extra help and support could also extend your child’s school day. These times do not include time your child may spend on extra assignments, projects, or “homework” beyond “classwork”.
    • Kindergarten:   3 hours per day
    • Grades 1-3:  3 hours and 50 minutes per day
    • Grades 4-8:  4 hours per day 
  • Instruction (What will my child’s school day look like?): Your child’s day will be a split live real-time learning (lessons) with the teacher (or staff member) in large or small group via Zoom and independent work time (assignments that need to be completed like regular classwork). Much of the independent work time will be via an on-line learning program that walks students through assignments, adjusts when they need help and notifies the teachers of areas where students need more support.
  • Assignments (How will I know what my child is supposed to be working on?): This year we will be much more systematic about how students are assigned work. Teachers will be using a Learning Management System to post assignments, give explanations, provide resources and to collect assignments. We will let you know which system we are using and make sure you are comfortable so you can know what your child should be working on.
  • Attendance and Grades (Does my child have to participate in distance learning?): Unlike last year, participation is mandatory. Attendance will be taken daily (in Zoom sessions) and assignments will be collected (digitally) and graded. We know that adhering to the schedule may be hard for some who have your own work responsibilities. We are here to support you and find a solution that works for your family. We know that you too want your child to engage academically to keep them on the road to success.
  • Devices (What if we don’t have an iPad or internet?): We know that not all families have access to devices for their child to access on-line learning or reliable internet. Once again, we will provide your child with a device. Unlike last year, we will make sure each child has a device since they will all be needing devices at the same time now with the set schedules. Additionally, if there are any families that were not able to take advantage of Cox’s free internet, we have hot-spots to loan you. Please follow this link to complete the survey so we know if you need assistance with devices or internet. *Please note that phones are not reliable. Your child will need access to a tablet, Chromebook or computer for their “school-day”.

Device and Internet Survey

We know there are many more questions and answers. I promise to keep you updated as I find out new information. I am deeply grateful for each of you and committed to support you and your child’s success.

In Gratitude,

C. Elisa Holston-Arteaga
(619) 668-5885 (x4699)

LMSV We Got This

We invite you to watch this special video from our teachers to their students.


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Attention iPad Users – Important Security Update Wednesday September 30th

This Wednesday, September 30th, the District is implementing additional security enhancements for iPads to ensure your child’s cyber safety. Once that happens there are a few steps you need to complete before you will be able to access Zoom.  Please follow the attached instructions.  Contact the District Tech support at Email: LMSVTechsupport or Phone: 619-771-6086 if you need assistance.

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  • A Small Neighborhood School and Beloved Community, Where Every Student is Truly Known, Connected to and Cared for by Staff
  • Located in the Hills of Spring Valley, Near Mount Miguel High School, Easily Accessible from Neighboring Communities in San Diego and South Bay
  • Boasts a Beautiful Garden, Designed and Maintained by Students Building Responsibility and Providing Relevant Hands-On Learning

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Important Information:

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Class Supply Lists for 2020-2021

Please find the link below for the supply list for our next school year.

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Attendance is SUPER important and notifying Rancho of any absences or late arrival is, too! 

If your child is absent from school for ANY reason, PLEASE CALL: 619-668-5885, Extension 4 or email our Health Tech, Amanda Walker at

Calls may be placed 24 hours a day!  Please leave the following information
* Date of Absence * Full name of the Child * Reason for Absence *

Doctor and dental notes are helpful if our attendance records are audited.  If your child has numerous absences, these will be requested. Please note that your call to report the absence does not "erase" the absence, but rather designates it as excused or unexcused depending on the reason.

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Accelerated Reader

Click on our new Accelerated Reader Widget to see updates each week with the pages and titles Rancho students have read! 

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Health & Wellness Policy

The La Mesa-Spring Valley School District promotes health-enhancing nutrition practices. According to the food guidelines sent out in the fall we are encouraging nutritious foods be brought for classroom celebrations: fruits, vegetables, whole grain crackers, pretzels, 100% fruit juice or frozen juice bars. Examples of non-nutritious foods with a more than 35% sugar content or fat content: soda, candy, chewing gum, snow cones, chips, fried foods, cookies, cupcakes, donuts, candy coated popcorn, & cotton candy. On your child’s birthday handing out special pencils or stickers is a good alternative to food.

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Rancho Elementary’s Student Dress Code

  • No Sunglasses
  • No hats inside. Hats are ok outside with the bill forward
  • Shirts must NOT have inappropriate images
  • Shorts and pants must not sag. Shorts must have a 4 inch inseam
  • No skate shoes/heelies with or without the heel insert
  • No cosmetics, artificial nails, or lots of jewelry
  • Shoulder straps must be at least 1 inch
  • No bare back or see-through clothing
  • No dresses or skirts unless wearing leggings
  • No open-toed shoes or sandals

District Spotlight

Extended School Services in LMSV Rocks!

Extended School Services (ESS) provides students an outstanding childcare experience before and after school. Students get homework help, engage in games, projects and field trips. ESS provides grants for families who qualify and low cost options.


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