Staff Directory

Office Staff

  • Principal, Nathan Saucedo
  • Office Manager, Jodi McCarthy Valdez               
  • Office Assistant, Nadine Mendoza
  • Health Technician, Amairany Nieves

Certificated Classroom Staff


  • Teri Potts, Room 2B

Transitional Kindergarten

  • Rebecca Wolfson, Room 1B


  • Blanca Farwell, Room 1A
  • Madalyn Moore, Room 2A

First Grade

  • Hannah Frank, Room 3
  • Gabriella Bike, Room 24

Second Grade

  • Julia Coyle, Room 4
  • Bray Olson, Room 5

Third Grade

  • Elisa Torres, Room 6
  • Kaylee Cooper, Room 27

Fourth Grade

  • Gabby Garcia, Room 23 (3/4 Combo)
  • Zina Mata, Room 22

Fifth Grade

  • Nicole Wilson, Room 12
  • Shane Barkley, Room 13

Special Education

  • Psychologist, Micheal Laddon, Room 9A
  • Special Education SAI Teacher (K-1), Montse Iqbal , Room 15
  • Special Education SAI Teacher (2-3), Jessica Mata, Room 16
  • Special Education SAI Teacher (4-5), Tiffany Rice, Room 17
  • Speech-Language Pathologist, Erin Batenburg, Room 11
  • Speech-Language Pathologist, Megan Barnette Room 28

Quest Program

  • Kaaren Nyberg, Room 19

Support Staff

  • Counselor, Janet Perez Turner, Room 31
  • Dean of Students, Shannon McRae, Room 18
  • ELOP Teacher, Dana Pichardo, Room 8
  • ELOP Teacher, Allison Frank, Room 8
  • Instructional Data Support Teacher, Noelle Suffield, Room 7
  • Reading Resource Teacher, Alexandra Galvan, Room 7
  • Social Worker, Callie Scher, Room 30

Classified Staff

  • Child Nutrition (Lead), Jasmine Griffin
  • Child Nutrition, Maria Ramirez
  • Child Nutrition, Laura Mendoza
  • Child Nutrition, Patrick Shawbell
  • Extended School Services Leader, Antonio Bustos
  • Library Learning Resource Technician, Kerri Askin
  • Paraprofessional, Child Development, Bianca Quest
  • Paraprofessional, Child Development, Stephanie Guido
  • Paraprofessional, Quest, Roman Castro
  • Paraprofessional, Special Education, Sarah Harris
  • Paraprofessional, Special Education, Shardey Benavidez Vargas
  • Paraprofessional, Special Education, Jeannette Rein
  • Paraprofessional, Special Education, Lyndon Walker
  • Paraprofessional, Special Education, Stacy Espino
  • Paraprofessional, Special Education, Nathan Smith
  • Paraprofessional, Special Education, Franci Filskov

Campus Attendants

  • Esther Flores
  • Leticia Cruz
  • Mayra Leal Gonzalez
  • Paula Acevedo
  • Sylvia Ramos
  • America Quiros

Custodial Staff

  • Senior Custodian, Angel Serrano Barrios
  • Night Custodian, Lucia Morales

Why You'll Love Bancroft

  • Centrally Located in the Middle of Spring Valley
  • Wonderful Partnerships with San Diego County Office of Education, Health and Human Services
  • New Mentorship Program with the Local Sheriff office of San Diego County
  • An Energetic Campus
  • Full of Heart for Students
  • Caring and Dedicated Staff

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