Staff Directory

Office Staff

  • Principal, Ms. Kimberly Libenguth
  • Office Manager, Ms. Kathleen Allinger    
  • Office Assistant,  Mrs. Veronica Flores              
  • Health Technician, Ms. Cindy Cook

Certificated Classroom Staff


  • Pre-K, Ms. Darcy Washkevich, Room 2B
  • Mrs. Kim Boncher, Room 2A
  • Mrs. Allison Kraft, Room 1A

First Grade

  • 1/ 2, Ms. Lisa Milligan, Room 5
  • Ms. Heather Makielski, Room 25

Second Grade

  • Mrs. Julia Coyle, Room 4
  • Mrs. Monika Merideth, Room 7

Third Grade

  • Mrs. Valerie Oberg, Room 27
  • Mr. Manny Aceves, Room 26
  • 3rd/4th, Mrs. Julie Gaughran, Room 22

Fourth Grade

  • Mrs. Zina Alsheikh, Room 6
  • Mrs. Gabby Garcia, Room 23

Fifth Grade

  • Mrs. Christine Wooding, Room 12
  • Mrs. Janelle Schnurr, Room 13

Sixth Grade

  • 5th/6th, Mrs. Karly Pecorella, Room 15
  • Mr. Jeff Lehton, Room 16

Certificated Support Staff

  • Resource Specialist, Mrs. Mary Lou Flippen, Room 10
  • Resource Specialist,  Mrs. Julie Nuñez, Room 17
  • Resource Specialist,  Mrs. Mandy Ramirez, Room 33 
  • SLP (Speech, Language  Pathologist), Miss Erin Desautels, Room 28
  • Counselor, Ms. Heather Martin, Room 9B
  • Psychologist,  Mrs. Tierney Bradford, Room 9A
  • Intervention, Mrs. Elisa Torres Rivera, Room 8 
  • Social Worker, Mrs. Shanna Wardhaugh, Room 11

Classified Staff

  • ESS Leader,  Ms. Ariana Covarubias
  • Library Media Technician,  Ms. Kerri Askin
  • Senior Custodian,  Mr. Brenn Boyer
  • Night Custodian,  Mr. Adrian Cervantes
  • Child Nutrition (Lead),  Mrs. Tina DaSilveira
  • Child Nutrition,  Mrs. Maria Ramirez
  • Child Nutrition,  Ms. Martha Peguero
  • Paraprofessional, Resource,  Ms. Michaela MacGowan
  • Paraprofessional, Resource, Ms. Sarah Harris
  • Paraprofessional, PKFLP,  Ms. Marty McDuff
  • Paraprofessional, Special Education,  Mrs. Jeannett Rein
  • Paraprofessional, Special Education, Ms. Julie Proctor
  • Paraprofessional, Ms. Yvette Lagunas
  • Paraprofessional, Ms. Robyn Jordan
  • Paraprofessional, Ms. Jennifer Garcia

Campus Attendants

  • Esther Flores
  • Karylin Hedge
  • Asminda Hernandez
  • Paula Acevedo
  • Chance Pearson

Why You'll Love Bancroft

  • Centrally Located in the Middle of Spring Valley
  • Wonderful Partnerships with San Diego County Office of Education, Health and Human Services
  • A Citizen’s Academy in Partnership with San Diego Probation
  • New Mentorship Program with the Local DA office of San Diego
  • An Energetic Campus
  • Full of Heart for Students

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District News

Sonic Expressions at Spring Valley Academy

At Spring Valley Academy, the innovative Sonic Expressions music course combines creating music with social skills. As the saying in Sonic Expressions goes, "When words fail, music speaks."


Bancroft Community Health Fair

The leadership team at Bancroft Elementary School organized a Community Health Fair at Open House to bring health and community services to families that included book give aways, dental screenings and informational booths.


Highlands Highlights

Students created this video to share what makes Highlands Elementary School so special, including the No Excuses University Program, awesome staff and more.