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Staff Directory

Office Staff

  • Principal, Wendy Newmark
  • Office Manager, Christine Hernandez
  • Health Technician, Julie Baez 

Certified Classroom Staff


  • Dual Immersion,  Shane Barkley, Room 1
  • Dual Immersion,  Veronica Chalco, Room 4
  • Dual Immersion, Sharon Perry, Room 18
  • Dual Immersion, Gabriel Aispuro, Room 17 

First Grade

  • Dual Immersion, Rachel Casarez, Room 3
  • Dual Immersion, Curtis Walker, Room 5
  • Dual Immersion, Elizabeth Lamping, Room 7
  • Dual Immersion, Raquel Luna, Room 2   

Second Grade

  • Dual Immersion,  Chelsea Barnette , Room 15
  • Dual Immersion, Christian Carrillo, Room 16
  • Dual Immersion,  Megan Cuenca , Room 9
  • Dual Immersion, Karla Sierra, Room 13   

Third Grade

  • Dual Immersion,  Francine Imada , Room 10
  • Dual Immersion,  Gabriel Gonzales , Room 12
  • Dual Immersion,  Victoria Quirk , Room 11
  • Dual Immersion,  Adriana Chee , Room 14    

Third/Fourth Grade

  • Jane Javier (Grades 3 &4), Room 29
  • Melissa Halmaghi (Grade 4), Room 31
  • Jennifer Ciccarelli (Grade 4) , Room 30  

Preschool / TK

  • Kathia Bustamante, Room 8
  • Denise Kawamoto, Room 27 

Certified Support Staff

  • SAI Teacher, Jane Marroquin-Llamas, Room 19
  • SAI Teacher, Krista Exerjian, Room 20
  • SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) Emily Lundberg, Room 26
  • SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) Daniela Marcus, Room C-1
  • Psychologist, Dr. Carmen Martinez, Room 20
  • Psychologist, Kristina Magana, Room C-1
  • School Nurse, Coralie Blasy, STEAM Academy
  • EL Coach/Intervention Teacher, Sandy Gomez, Room 25
  • Data Coach, Testing Coordinator, Intervention Teacher, Paula Wilson, Room 6     

Classified Staff

  • ESS Leader, Angel Bustos, Room 36/Auditorium
  • ESS Assistant Lead, Aleia Mulroney, Room 36/Auditorium
  • Library Media Technician, Michelle Sharrieff, Library
  • Senior Custodian, Chuck Hicks
  • Night Custodian, Tim Litsheim
  • Child Nutrition (Lead), Myrna Collado, Cafeteria
  • Child Nutrition, Josefina Arcega, Cafeteria
  • Child Nutrition, Maria Nicho, Cafeteria
  • Paraprofessional, SAI, Jeannette Ramos
  • Paraprofessional, SAI, Nina Hernandez
  • Paraprofessional, Pre-school, Ariana Swanson
  • Paraprofessional, Pre-school, Amanda Walker
  • Playground Attendant, Ronda Alglmas
  • Playground Attendant, Cecilia, Garcia
  • Playground Attendant, Franny Jenkins
  • Playground Attendant, Charlene Humphries
  • Playground Attendant, Lynae Rosses-Pompey
  • Playground Attendant, Lucia Sanchez    
  • Playground Attendant, Rhonda Alglmas    

Why You'll Love Kempton

  • Serves Students in Preschool to Grade 4
  • Home to a Literacy Program
  • Home to a Dual Immersion Program for Students in Grades K - 3, Seeking to be Bilingual and Bi-literate in English and Spanish
  • Committed to Engaging in Cutting-Edge Literacy Building Practices for our Young Readers

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District Spotlight

Sadie the Wonder Dog Inspires Learning at La Mesa Dale Elementary

Students at La Mesa Dale connect with Sadie the Wonder Dog. Enrollment is now open in all of our schools for the 2020-2021 school year. It’s not too late to enroll! Visit


Trust Blended Learning

LMSV is proud to offer Trust Blended Learning, an innovative school program that combines part time independent study using an online curriculum with part time face to face instruction using project based learning in La Mesa.


Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten sets students up for success by building academic, social and emotional skills that will benefit them for a lifetime! Enrollment is now open for TK in the 2020-2021 school year across the district.