Staff Directory

Office Staff

  • Principal, Jon McEvoy
  • Office Manager, Courtney Lanier
  • Health Technician, Annette Kuhle 

Certificated Classroom Staff


  • TK, Emily Bell, Room 27
  • Mendi Bates, Room 9
  • Tamarind Sever, Room 22
  • Julie Pennoyer, Room 21

First Grade

  • Christine Billings, Room 16
  • 1/2, Stephanie Choularton, Room 14
  • Ryan Pearlstein, Room 15

Second Grade

  • Lani Cerasaro, Room  18 
  • Kirsten Lemmon, Room 2
  • Suzanne Shubert, Room 17

Third Grade

  • Helen Dagnino, Room 8
  • Renee Doyle, Room 7
  • 3/4, Scott Smith, Room 6
  • Shane Strickland, Room 5

Fourth Grade

  • Nicole Bristo, Room 11
  • Curtis Hale, Room 12

Fifth Grade

  • 5/6, Jennifer Flores, Room 1
  • Maggie Schulman, Room 2

Sixth Grade

  • Shama Lyons, Room 3

Certified Support Staff

  • Social Worker, Speech , Jamie Hocanson
  • Psych, Heather Lopez
  • Speech, Mary Matheson, Room 19
  • SAI, Adrianne Pohl, Room 13
  • Read Int, Ondina Summers Moehl, Room 24
  • SAI, Rachel Trahan, Room 20
  • SAI, Tulip Howard, Room 4

Classified Staff

  • ESS Leader,  Trinell Lewis, Auditorium
  • Library Media Technician,  Shelley Stork, Library        
  • Custodian, Charles Reed     
  • Child Nutrition, Becki Fleck, Cafeteria
  • Child Nutrition,  Maria Sampugnaro, Cafeteria
  • Paraprofessional, Karen Drew, Room 13
  • Paraprofessional, Brittany Garcia, Room 4
  • Paraprofessional, Annette Ines, Room 20
  • Paraprofessional, Monica Muldoon, Room 20
  • Paraprofessional, Kim Timmins, Room 13
  • SCIA, June McDardell, Room 1
  • SCIA, Polly Morgan, Room 7


  • Ana Bringas
  • Perla Diaz
  • Ruth Hernandez
  • Marisela Martinez
  • Carolina Sandoval
  • Jayce Baca, Student Helper
  • Savannah Fisher, Student Helper

Why You'll Love Highlands

  • Part of a Prestigious Network of Schools from Across the country Known as “No Excuses University”
  • Focus on Creating a Culture of College Readiness
  • Believes all Children Deserve the Opportunity to be Educated in a Way that Prepares Them for Higher Education, and it is the Adults’ Responsibility to Create Systems of Excellence to Ensure this Happens
  • Staff Makes “No Excuses” for Doing What is Right for Kids

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District News

Sonic Expressions at Spring Valley Academy

At Spring Valley Academy, the innovative Sonic Expressions music course combines creating music with social skills. As the saying in Sonic Expressions goes, "When words fail, music speaks."


Bancroft Community Health Fair

The leadership team at Bancroft Elementary School organized a Community Health Fair at Open House to bring health and community services to families that included book give aways, dental screenings and informational booths.


Highlands Highlights

Students created this video to share what makes Highlands Elementary School so special, including the No Excuses University Program, awesome staff and more.