The first day of school is August 27, 2020. LMSV will begin the school year in online learning. 

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Staff Directory

Office Staff

Certified Classroom Staff

  • Kristy Aragon, Vocal/ASB, Room 31, (x2131)
  • Mark Arapostathis, Theatre Arts, Room 26, (x2126)
  • Molly Baker, SLP, Room 25A, (x2172)
  • Shannon Bartol, SAI 5/6, Room 48, (x2148)
  • Mike Begley, SS 8, Room 10, (x2110)
  • Ticia Bracher, SAI ELA 7/8, Room 5, (x2105)
  • Stacey Bradford, SAI 5/6, Room 41 (x2141)
  • Unison Colthurst, Vocal, Room 33, (x2133)
  • Nichole Condon, Art, Room 14, (x2114)
  • Maureen Daly, Girls PE (x2168)
  • Steve Danna, PE, Boys PE (x2169)
  • Johanna Dorsha, ELA 7/8 & ELD, Room 7, (x2107)
  • Jaime Favorite, Math 7, Room 15, (x2115)
  • Meaghan Fregoso, ELA 7, Room 4, (x2104)
  • Adam Galaif, ELA 8, Room 8, (x2108)
  • James Gonzales, Boys PE, (x2169)
  • Felicia Gutierrez, Keyboard, Room 32, (x2132)
  • Bill Hale, Math/Science 5/6, Room 29, (x2129)
  • Jon Hayman, Math/Science 4, Room 16, (x2116)
  • Mario Jativa, Instrumental, Band, (x2149)
  • Jennifer Johnson, Science 7, Room 28, (x2128)
  • Michele Kmak, ELA/SS 4, Room 21, (x2121)
  • Kristi Knode, Math/Science 5, Room 23, (x2123)
  • Eileen Lavine, SS 8, Room 11, (x2111)
  • Lindsay Lewandoski, Math 7, Room 17, (x2117)
  • Alison Lindsay, Art, Room 13, (x2113)
  • Laramie Littig, Theatre, Room 20, (x2120)
  • Natalie Loibl, Dance, Room 43/44, (x2144)
  • Sara McCoskery, SAI Math 7/8, Room 12, (x2112)
  • Linda Michaud, Math/Science 5/6, Room 39 (x2139)
  • Kristen Miller, Science 8, Room 30, (x2130)
  • Shane Osland, Boys PE, BPE, (x2169)
  • Dana Prior, ELA 7, Room 3, (x2103)
  • Kealy Prouty, Media, Room 25, (x2125)
  • Jan Richards, ELA/SS 5, Room 40, (x2140)
  • Debra Sands, ABI 4-8/Culinary, Room 2, (x2102)
  • Jennifer Schroeder, SS 7/CAT, Room 9, (x2109)
  • Andrew Schulman, ELA/SS 5/6, Room 22, (x2122)
  • Derek Smith, SS 7, Room 6, (x2106)
  • Madie Spence, Dance, Room 46, (x2146)
  • Dave Thompson, Science 7, Room 35, (x2135)
  • Dave Tilley, ELA/SS 6, Room 24, (x2124)
  • Shannon Urnezis, SAI 4/5, Room 47, (x2147)
  • Khoa VanCotthem, Math 7, Room 18, (x2118)
  • Michael Wells, Science 8, Room 34, (x2134)
  • Ted Williams, Math 8, Room 19, (x2119)

Support Staff

  • Molly Candy, ParaPro (x2141)
  • Brenda Dean, ParaPro (x2148)
  • Alex Furuholmen, ParaPro (x2105)
  • Anne Goldman, ParaPro (x2148)
  • Max Goldworm, ParaPro (x2105)
  • Brooke Heimerl, ParaPro (x2112)
  • Fiona Honeysett, ParaPro (x2147)
  • Stel Loucas, ParaPro (x2105)
  • Breanna Perez, ParaPro (x2105)
  • Cynthia Reyes, ParaPro (x2147)
  • Bing Shafter, ParaPro (x2112)
  • Bethany Tresser, ParaPro (x2147)
  • Carol Vandergroen, ParaPro (x2141)

Classified Staff

  • Gabe Mendoza, ESS Lead 668-8371 (x2181)
  • Elizabeth Mendivil, ESS Assistant Lead (x2181)
  • Johnny Andrade, Night Custodian 
  • Rigo Leon, Head Custodian
  • Kathy Root, Cafeteria (x2185)
  • Cindy Campos-Blas, Cafeteria Staff
  • Cathy Liening, Cafeteria Staff
  • Rima Dayeh, Cafeteria Staff
  • Maria Rubio, Cafeteria Staff
  • Denise Freeland, Cafeteria Staff
  • Kelly Walton, Cafeteria Staff
  • Perla Chan, Campus Attendant
  • Jerriel Gallman, Campus Attendant
  • Gina Murillo, Campus Attendant

Why You'll Love La Mesa Arts Academy

  • Underlying principle in all instruction will be an emphasis on character and leadership
  • Offer our students a rigorous and meaningful academic program infused with the arts, featuring a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, standards-based arts curriculum that promotes character, community involvement and leadership skills
  • A specialist teaches every child in core academic, elective and physical education classes
  • Students receive foundational coursework in the arts that serves as a prerequisite for future conservatory studies
  • Proud partners with many community organizations including Arms Wide Open Productions and San Diego Youth Services
  • Open to students throughout the LMSV attendance area as well as those from outlying communities in greater San Diego County
  • An enrollment packet must be completed for students wishing to attend

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Students at Casa de Oro Elementary attend, connect and belong. It’s not too late to enroll in our preschool and TK-grade 8 schools in LMSV. Visit today!


Sadie the Wonder Dog Inspires Learning at La Mesa Dale Elementary

Students at La Mesa Dale connect with Sadie the Wonder Dog. Enrollment is now open in all of our schools for the 2020-2021 school year. It’s not too late to enroll! Visit


Trust Blended Learning

LMSV is proud to offer Trust Blended Learning, an innovative school program that combines part time independent study using an online curriculum with part time face to face instruction using project based learning in La Mesa.