Staff Directory


Office Staff

  • Monica Robinson, Principal                    
  • Judy Boyer, District Nurse                
  • Aimee Eckroth, Office Manager              
  • Diane Kirschenman, Health Tech                    
  • Donna Even, Sub Office Assistant I



  • June Brock, Room 11 
  • Bobbie Kulis, Room 10      
  • K/1 – Juliet Valoria, Room 04                 

First Grade

  • Blanca Farwell, Room 01
  • Karen Kingsbury, Room 02  
  • 1/2 – Maria Ojeda, Room 08    

Second Grade

  • Kim Ibarra, Room 06    
  • 2/3 – Anne Pham, Room 05           

Third Grade

  • Melinda Johnson, Room 14
  • Pam  Purbaugh, Room 13

Fourth Grade

  • Eileen Octon, Room 16     
  • Stephen Williams, Room 15

Fifth Grade

  • Vita Marinesi, Room 20        
  • Robert Reed, Room 17      

Sixth Grade

  • DeAnn DeCarlo, Room 18
  • Katie Richardson, Room 19


  • Bill Schell, 6:00 am-2:30 pm,  Lead Custodian      
  • Don Ard, 2:00 pm-10:30 pm, Night Custodian             
  • Cindy Gentry (5:30 am-2:00 pm),  Cafeteria Mgr. (Cafeteria Direct Line 619-668-5858)
  • Arlene Saranglao, Cafeteria
  • Candy Parsons, Cafeteria
  • Charlotte Silvera                                    
  • Nikki Fox, ESS Leader Rm 29     


  • Maria Keyton
  • Salina Jack
  • Rosemary Medina
  • Aurora Figueroa

Support Staff

  • Lisa Aguilar, Psychologist                      
  • Barbara Hennessy, SAI Teacher                                  
  • Melissa Mackie, SAI Teacher                        
  • Valerie Barlett, Speech/Language                      
  • Krista Dunemn, Speech/Language                      
  • Brenda Hollister, RSP – Paraprof.                                              
  • Juliet Salbato, Library Technician, Library
  • Jennifer Gordon, Interventions      
  • Mary Peck, Paraprof. Sp. Ed     

State Preschool

  • Jennifer  Jerome, Teacher, State Preschool, Room 25/26
  • Zac Montgomery, IA/State Preschool

Autism Preschool

  • Lindsey Bermingham (Aut. Preschool Teacher), Room 25/26    
  • Beatrice Quiros Salcedo (Paraprof. Sp Ed)                        
  • Maria Cano  (Paraprof. Sp Ed)


  • Lauren Kwan (SDC Teacher TK-K), Room 27/28     
  • Amanda Gallic (Paraprof. Sp Ed)                           
  • Michelle Maldonado (Paraprof. Sp Ed)    


  • Jennifer Chamberlin (SDC Teacher 1-3), Room 3    
  • Roxana Bullington (ParaProf Sp Ed)                                  
  • Shelly Sanders  (ParaProf Sp Ed)                                                
  • Dan Daly  (ParaProf Sp Ed)                                     

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  • Students Engage in Learning in a Caring Community

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District News

Sonic Expressions at Spring Valley Academy

At Spring Valley Academy, the innovative Sonic Expressions music course combines creating music with social skills. As the saying in Sonic Expressions goes, "When words fail, music speaks."


Bancroft Community Health Fair

The leadership team at Bancroft Elementary School organized a Community Health Fair at Open House to bring health and community services to families that included book give aways, dental screenings and informational booths.


Highlands Highlights

Students created this video to share what makes Highlands Elementary School so special, including the No Excuses University Program, awesome staff and more.