La Mesa Arts Academy (LMAAC) Teacher to be Honored at SDCOE Salute to Teachers Event

Laramie Littig

This Saturday, September 15, at the historic Balboa Theater in downtown San Diego, beloved La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools teacher, Laramie Littig, will be honored as a San Diego County Teacher of the Year Nominee. The Salute to Teachers event will take place at 8pm on Saturday and will be a live broadcast on Cox Communications. More information about the Salute to Teachers event can be found at and tickets are available for purchase at

Ms. Littig has been teaching for 16 years and currently serves as a teacher at the La Mesa Arts Academy (LMAAC). Ms. Littig was nominated as Teacher of the Year at LMAAC by her peers. Her principal, Beth Thomas, describes her, “The depth of emotion and love that Laramie has for EVERY student is completely indescribable. Since becoming a part of our LMAAC community, Laramie has developed such rich, deep connections with her students. ‘Once a Littig Kid, always a
Littig Kid’ is the mantra that I have heard over and over. Laramie doesn’t ever say goodbye to students. She continues to follow and check-in with them through and beyond their LMAAC years. The relationships that she forms with our families, allows parents to feel comfortable enough to continue to seek her out as advisor for years to come.” In addition to her responsibilities as classroom teacher, Ms. Littig is also a valuable member of the LMAAC school leadership team and has been instrumental in developing LMAAC’s unique and positive culture and climate. Ms. Thomas describes, “As a school that is still growing and evolving, Laramie is very much a part of that process of continuous program improvement. She is a vital in her role a production manager (organizing our stage teams, sound, lights) for our events. This is her first year as a theater teacher-something that I know she never envisioned when making her career choice twenty years ago. But that IS Laramie. She is that person who is up for any challenge. She’ll take it. Embrace it. Improve it. And then put her signature on it.” Ms. Littig is a deeply dedicated and caring teacher who exemplifies the HEART of La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools. We wish her the best, are so proud of her hard work and hope you’ll tune in to provide support.

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