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Administrative Assistant II       
Brisa De Los Santos   
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Claudia Serrano
(Field Trips, General Education Scheduling, Homeless/Foster)
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Driver Trainer/Dispatcher
Aurora Gigear
(Driver Trainer/Safety)
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Aryn Carr
(Special Education Scheduling/Inquiries)
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Mission Statement

In cooperation with the La Mesa-Spring Valley educational community, we provide safe and efficient transportation services. Our caring, well trained and professional staff are actively engaged as partners in education, preparing the students in our care for a successful learning experience each and every day.

General Education School Bussing

Who is Eligible for Transportation?

La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools provides home-to-school of residence transportation to students attending specific schools and who live within the established transportation boundary line. Students who meet the boundary requirement will be eligible to apply for transportation. 

School Sites

Transportation services are available to students who attend their school of residence at the school sites listed below:   

ElementaryAcademies (Middle)
Bancroft Elementary
Highlands Elementary
La Mesa Dale Elementary
Loma Elementary
Murdock Elementary 
Rolando Elementary
Sweetwater Springs Elementary
Parkway Academy
Spring Valley Academy

Boundary Line

Kinder – 3rd Grade4th – 6th Grade
1 mile or more away from school1 ½ miles or more away from school

How to Apply for a Bus Pass

To apply for a bus pass, complete the Transportation Registration Form. A registration form must be completed for each student in need of transportation services.

The start date, bus schedule and times will be available within 1-2 days after the Transportation Department receives the registration form. This information will be provided to parents via a phone call or to the email address provided on the registration form along with a copy of the Transportation Parent Handbook. Parents may also call (619) 668-5767 and press 2 to obtain this information.

All students receiving transportation services must present their bus pass and/or single ride tickets on a daily basis when boarding the bus. Bus passes will be distributed to students by their assigned bus driver within 1-2 weeks of registration. 

Transportation Fees/Payment

The La Mesa-Spring Valley School District charges a fee for providing transportation services to students who do not live within the established home-to-school of residence boundary. 

The Transportation Fee Program provides the option of purchasing an Annual Bus Pass, Half Year Bus Pass or Single-Ride Ticket Books. The table below outlines the fees for each pass type. 

Pass TypePrice
1st Student2nd Sibling3rd Sibling
Annual*$200.00$130.00$0 – Free
Half Year Bus Pass*$125.00 $83.00$0 – Free
Ticket Book
Single Ride$50 – Book of 40 tickets
Bus Pass CardDamaged, lost, or replacement of a bus pass when a student changes bus routes.
– $3.00 for cash/money order payments made at the Transportation Department
– $5.00 for credit card payments

*Annual and half year passes are only available at the full rate (prorated passes are not available).


Transportation accepts cash, money order, and/or credit card payments

Family Discounts

Discounts are available when purchasing annual or half year passes for more than one (1) student in the same family at the same time. The third and/or any additional siblings may obtain a free bus pass. 

Ticket Books

Ticket books include forty (40) single ride tickets and may be purchased online or at the Transportation Department. Ticket books purchased online must be picked up at the Transportation Department. Ticket books cannot be refunded, returned if unused or mailed. 

Renewal of half year bus pass: 

Half year bus passes may be renewed online or at the Transportation Department if paying with cash, check or money orders.  Checks and money orders should be made out to LMSV. Please allow at least 10 working days for processing.

Non Sufficient Funds

A $15.00 charge will be imposed for all returned checks.


Bus pass refunds are only available when a student is reassigned to the Special Education program, moves from the area and/or is denied transportation for more than 15 school days due to discipline reasons. Refund requests must be made in writing to the Transportation Department. All refunds will be prorated and a $3.00 processing fee will apply. Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

Bus Schedule

The Transportation Department will provide the bus schedule to parents via email or a phone call within 1-2 days of receipt of the Transportation Registration form. Please ensure you are aware of the following guidelines: 

  • Pick-up Time
    •  Students should be at their designated bus stop five minutes prior to pick up time. 
  • Drop-off Time
    • Drop-off times are approximate
  • Students who must be met
    • If you have indicated on the registration form  that your kindergarten or older student must be met at the bus stop, your child will be returned to school if no one is at his/her stop at drop off time.
  • Designated bus stops
    • Students who need to get off at a stop other than their designated stop, must have a permission slip from home or signed by the principal/staff member. 
    • A student who accidentally or willingly gets on the wrong bus will be returned to school where their parents will be called to arrange pickup of their student.
  • Ill Students
    •  In the best interest of everyone, infectious or severely ill students, e.g. (measles, vomiting, fever, etc.), cannot be allowed to ride the bus.
    • Students who become sick during the day will not be allowed to ride the bus. They will remain in the Nurse’s office until contact is made with the parents.
    • Students sent home with a fever must remain off the bus for 24 hours.

Student Conduct/Responsibility

Student Conduct at Bus Stops

The La Mesa Spring Valley School District is not mandated to provide busing services to students. Riding the school bus is a privilege. Students will be held accountable for their behavior while on the bus and at their bus stop. Please ensure your child understands the following guidelines:

  • The bus stop is not a playground. Horseplay, ball throwing, pushing and shoving is not allowed.
  • Some bus stops are designated in front of homes. Any damage done to private property shall be cause for denial of transportation.
  • Students should line up in single file before boarding the bus. There is no pushing or shoving allowed.
  • Per State law, students must cross in front of the bus with the driver. It is the sole responsibility of the driver to escort students across the street when necessary. No one else can assume this responsibility.
  • To avoid the possibility of a child being hit while crossing the street, parents picking up children at bus stops and who normally do not cross the street should park on the same side of the street that the bus stops on.
  • Students should never approach a moving bus. Once the door is closed and the bus is moving, children should return to their home or school. A child should never run after the bus.

Bus Rules

“Pupils transported on a school bus shall be under the authority of, and responsible directly to, the driver of the bus, and the driver shall be held responsible for the orderly conduct of the pupils.” (CCR 14103). The following rules of conduct shall apply to all students who ride school buses. 

  • Students must be seated at all times except when boarding or leaving the bus.
  • Students should sit upright, face the front of the bus, keep feet out of the aisle, and in no way bar progress of the other students in or out of the bus.
  • Students shall not interfere with others nor molest property of others.
  • Students are prohibited from creating disturbances such as taking pictures or filming with a cell phone, whistling, playing musical instruments or radios, yelling, using loud or profane language, throwing articles, or any activity that could distract the driver.
  • Students are not allowed to eat or drink on the bus. Including but not limited to  gum, candy and sunflower seeds, etc. 
  • Students must keep their head, hands and feet inside the bus at all times.
  • The use of cell phones on the bus is limited and approval is based on the discretion of the driver.

Personal Items on School Busses

To ensure the safety of students and staff the following items cannot be transported to or from school on a school bus:

  • Glass Containers
  • Bags of aluminum cans
  • Animals (birds, hamsters, fish, insects, etc.)
  • Large musical instruments, suitcases and sleeping bags.
  • Radios (unless approved by the school ahead of time)
  • Food or liquid that is not contained
  • Balloons
  • Item that are too large for student to hold on their lap

Personal items such as toys, games, or projects brought to school should be put in a plastic or paper bag. If the above items must be taken to school please arrange other transportation services for our child for that day.

Safety Plan

COVID Safety Plan

The La Mesa-Spring Valley School District will continue to follow the most recent guidance provided by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). At this time, our COVID rules for busing include:

  1. Students will be spread out on the bus to the best of our ability.
  2. Each bus will have consistent assigned seating.
  3. For ventilation purposes, each bus will have a minimum of two (2) windows down for the duration of the route.

Pedestrian Safety

  • ALWAYS follow these rules and be extra alert in rainy or foggy weather
  • Cross only at corners so drivers can see you.
  • Always use a crosswalk when it is available. Remember, painted lines can’t stop cars.
  • Cross only on the new green light so you have time to cross safely.
  • Use the push-button when possible and cross with the “walk” sign only.
  • Look all ways before crossing the street to see cars, pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • When crossing, watch for cars that are turning left or right.
  • Never cross the street from between parked cars. Drivers can’t see you.
  • Walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic, if sidewalks are not provided, so you can see oncoming cars.

Bus Route Information


All students eligible for General Education and Special Education service will be assigned to a specific bus and route. For safety reasons, the LMSVSD Transportation Department will no longer publish stop locations and times online. Routing information will be shared during the application process.

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