Business Services, Procurement, Safety & Risk Management

Director, Business Services & Chief Safety Officer
Dr. Robert Cochran
(619) 668-5700 x6220
Fax – (619) 668-8332 

Purchasing Manager
Monica Putzbach
(619) 668-5700 x6407

Administrative Assistant
Colleen Hackner
(619) 668-5700 x6354

Patrice Alexander
(619) 668-5700 x6330

Madeline Hove
(619) 668-5700 x6310

Warehouse Services

Lead Storekeeper
Robert Swathwood
(619) 668-5766 x4732

Daniel Jimenez
(619) 668-5766 x4738

The La Mesa-Spring Valley School District has elected to become subject to the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA) Procedures.  The District is inviting all licensed contractors to complete and submit the Contractor Registration Form, linked below, for inclusion on the District’s Registered Contractors List.  

Measure V Bond Program Bids

RFQ/P #v22/23-006 Lease Leaseback for Construction Services Bundles D & E

RFQ/P #v22/23-001 – Lease-Leaseback Construction Services Bundles B & C

RFQ/P #v21/22-008 – Lease-Leaseback Construction Services Bundle A

RFQ #v21/22-007 – Special Inspector and Testing Services

RFQ #v21/22-006 – Inspector Of Record Services

FB #v21/22-003 – LMAAC Locker Room Crawlspace Abatement – Central Valley Environmental

RFQ #v21/22-001 – Measure V Architectural Services

Bid RFP #20/21-002 – Financial Management and Bond Accounting Software – Rejected all proposals

Bid RFQ/P #20/21-001 – Measure V Program Management Services – Awarded to Kitchell Capital Expenditure Managers, Inc.

23-24 Non-Measure V Bond Bids

FB 23/24-004 Technology Equipment

FB 23/24-005 Student Coach Bus Transportation Services

FB 23/24-008 Walk-In Freezer

Past Bids

FB 23/24 – 001 Alternative Student Transportation

FB 23/24-002 Direct Pizza Delivery

FB 23/24-003 Student Charter Bus Transportation Services

FB 22/23 – 008 LMAAC Kitchen Remodel 

FB 22/23-007 Bread Bid

FB 22/23-006 Districtwide Painting Project

FB #22/23-005 – Central Storage Food and Groceries

FB #22/23-004 – Bread Bid

RFP #22/23-003 District Painting Project,  Areas 1, 2, 3 Middle Schools

RFP #22/23-002 District Painting Project, Area 4 Schools

RFP #22/23-001 Technology Equipment

RFP #21/22-002 Wide Area Network (WAN) and Internet Access Services

RFP #21/22-001 Technology Equipment

RFP #20/21-003 Fresh Produce – Awarded to Diamond Jack Enterprises, Inc.

Bid FB #20/21-002 – Bread – Awarded to Galasso’s Bakery

Bid FB #20/21-001 – Waste Disposal & Recycling Services – Awarded to USA Waste of California Inc., dba Waste Management

Bid FB #19/20-003 – La Mesa Arts Academy CULINARY CLASSROOM Estimated Value $150,000 – Awarded to Grace Builders, Inc.

Bid RFP #19/20-003 – Fresh Produce – Awarded to Sunrise Produce Co.

Bid FB #19/20-002 – Fresh Produce – All bids rejected

RFP #19/20-002 – Central Storage Food and Groceries – Awarded to Gold Star Foods

E-Rate RFP #19/20-001 – Technology Equipment

Awarded to CDW Government, LLC.

FB #19/20-001 – Districtwide Concrete Asphaltic Work

Awarded to Kirk Paving, Inc.

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