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Kindness Chain Reaction at Highlands Elementary School

Highlands Elementary

Highlands Elementary School is nestled in the foothills of Mount Helix and is a caring community of families, students and educators where kindness has had a chain reaction. To learn about chain reaction of kindness in our Spotlight Series video, watch the video below.

On a typical school day, paraprofessional, Monica Muldoon, inquired with a student who had her head down on her desk. The student shared with her that her head was down on her desk because she was cold, not having blankets at home and not living in a permanent residence, but going from shelter to shelter or motel. Hearing that her student was cold and not getting rest, Ms. Muldoon took swift action and shared the story with her book club.

Once the book club heard about the concern, they gathered money to pay for pillows, blankets and to help the family. The book club also provided money for a hotel stay so the family would have shelter during the winter break and Christmas.

Once district social worker, Aubrey Gallegos-Asimos, had money for a stay at the motel, she headed to the motel to pay. Upon hearing the story of the family, the motel owner decided to extend the stay for the family and upgrade the room to include a microwave and refrigerator. Ms. Gallegos-Asimos also worked with local community partners like Toys for Tots and Common Ground, who helped with getting food and presents for the break and holiday.

Local investment firm, IPG, heard about this family and their needs. They met with teachers from Highlands and heard of needs with this family and other families who may experience difficulty. Being so moved by the kindness of Ms. Muldoon, Ms. Gallegos-Asimos and other community partners, IPG funded a $5,000 grant in honor of Ms. Muldoon.

The Highlands team was so honored by this generous donation from IPG. They decided to keep the chain reaction of kindness in motion and decided to create a motor lab and calming space for students. With the grant, teacher Rachel Trahan and Ms. Gallegos-Asimos created a place for students who may be having a difficult time to find peace and solace or to get access to food or supplies for their day. As Highlands principal, Jon McEvoy, shared, this chain reaction of kindness is the kind of heart teachers and staff members show at Highlands each and everyday.

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