• Gardens Are Nature's Classrooms!
    Here at Murdock, students connect to the natural world through the native garden which surrounds the media center and through the school garden located on the south side of the school campus near the entrance to the auditorium.
    Whether you have a green thumb (or not!), if you would like to help make our school site attractive and welcoming, we would love your help so that children and families can enjoy the restorative properties of a beautiful garden!
    Want to learn more? Follow the links provided on the left side of this webpage or contact the Garden Coordinator, Murdock parent Farigene Villegas (fvillegas79@msn.com). She would be more than happy to match your time and interests in the garden!
    Garden Mission and Goals
    Our mission is to turn the school garden into a robust outdoor classroom that is an integral part of school life where children can engage in environmental education, connect to the natural world, have opportunities to grow and eat fresh produce, to engage with the community, to be part of making our school site more attractive and welcoming, and to enjoy the restorative properties of a beautiful garden! Learn more...
  • Garden Wish List
    If you can donate any of these items, you'll be helping our garden GROW! Please contact Murdock parent Farigene Villegas (fvillegas79@msn.com) if you have questions. You can bring items to the garden after school or you can drop them off at the school office in a bag labeled "school garden /Farigene Villegas." Thank you for your support!
    • trowels
    • hoes
    • shovels
    • rakes
    • wheelbarrow
    • push brooms
    • garden gloves for children
    • a small tool shed
    • recycled plastic containers, such as 16oz (or larger) butter and sour cream containers
    • clipboards (20)
    • art supplies
    • salad spinner
    • dinnerware for 20
    • utensils for 20 (spoons, forks, knives)
    • cutting boards
    • mortar and pestle (3-5)