Elite 8 - 8 Tips for your Safety and Success on Campus

    1. Playground Expectations

    • Stay safe by following playground rules.
    • Stay safe by using the equipment the way it was intended.
    • Treat supervisors respectfully.
    • Don’t leave the playground without an adult’s permission. Ask an adult before leaving for restroom/drinks.
    • Use your words to solve your problems. Ask an adult for help when your words don’t work.
    • 5 minute bell @ Recess = bathroom and drinks.  This is your time.
      You should not be asking for bathroom/drinks right after recess.  This is learning time.
    • 1st Whistle = Freeze and take a knee.   2nd Whistle = walk calmly to line up.

    2. Bathroom Etiquette

    • Use the restroom closest to your class or playground. (Don’t roam the halls)
    • Do your business, wash your hands, and get back to class/playground as quickly as possible.
    • No playing/hanging out in the bathroom. EEEWWW!

    3. Hallway Behavior and Etiquette

    • Walk. Don’t run.
    • Walk quietly.
    • Walk with a purpose (no roaming).
    • Stay off poles and handrails.
    • Stay on the sidewalk. The grass wants to grow.
    • Stay in line when with your class.

    4. Meal Expectations

    • Wait quietly on the carpet in the cafeteria until you are instructed to get your card.
    • Take ONLY your card.  Do not touch other students’ cards.
    • Be polite to others in line.
    • Stay seated (on your bottom) at the lunch tables.
    • Use quiet conversation voices.
    • Use good manners (don’t play with food or talk with your mouth full).
    • Clean up after yourself.
    • Remain seated at the tables until an adult dismisses you to line up.
    • Stay off the red wall.

    5. Arrival & Dismissal Procedures


    • Don’t arrive before 7:30 unless you are eating breakfast
      with parent supervision. Cafe opens at 7:15.
    • At 7:30 students go to Run Club.  Students are to run,
      jog, or walk. No equipment at this time.
    • Do not hang out in the hallways or go to a teacher’s classroom before school.
    • Line up quietly with your class for Peace Square when
      the first bell rings.
    • Teachers take attendance when the 2nd bell rings at 7:55.


    • Students in ESS go straight to ESS after school.
    • Students getting picked up by a car stay in the square
      and watch for their ride.
    • If you haven’t been picked up by the time Safety Patrol comes in, please wait in the office.

    6. Be a friend

    • Keep hands and feet to yourself - always!
    • Use kind words.
    • Smile.

    7. Make Healthy Choices

    • Healthy food helps you think and grow.
    • No Takis, Hot Cheetos, gum, candy, caffeinated drinks.
    • Celebrate your birthday with pencils, stickers, or a
      book for the class.  No cupcakes, candy or food treats.

    8. Interacting with Adults

    • Learn names of adults you work with often.
    • Stop, look, and listen when an adult is speaking to you.
    • Be polite.
    • Remember, the adults here care about you and want
      to help you be the best YOU you can be!