• Elected by the voters, the Board is responsible for overall operation of the District. The Board appoints a Superintendent to administer policies, manage the budget, supervise staff, and make recommendations concerning the District's operation. Board of Education meetings are normally held the first and third Tuesday of each month. All regular meetings are open to the public. Copies of the agenda are posted at each school site and at the Education Center prior to each meeting.

  • David Chong                                           Jim Long

    David Chong                                                                                    Jim Long

    Board President                                                                             Board Vice President

    David.Chong@lmsvschools.org                                                   jclongmba@gmail.com              

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    Emma Turner                                           Bob Duff

    Emma Turner                                                                                  Bob Duff

    Board Clerk                                                                                     Board Member

    emma357@aol.com                                                                       bduff@cox.net

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    Rebekah Basson

    Rebekah Basson

    Board Member


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