• What are "Rainbow Words?"
    The  most frequently used words in the English language have been divided into 6 lists of 10 words each.  The more automatic students become with these "high frequency words" the more fluent they will become in their reading.  
    Students progress at their own pace - moving through the words list-by-list.  They are tested one-on-one on a regular basis. When they master the list they are working on, they are pretested on the next list and it is sent home to practice.  These lists are for READING recognition.
    Click on a link below to print a copy of the next list to practice! 
    Red List 1 - red rainbow list
    Orange List 2-  orange rainbow list
    Yellow List 3 - yellow rainbow list 
    Green List 4 - green rainbow list 
    Blue List 5 - blue rainbow list 
    Purple List 6 - purple rainbow list
    Red Red     Orange Orange    Yellow Yellow    Green Green   Blue Blue    Purple Purple