The first day of school is August 27, 2020. LMSV will begin the school year in online learning. 

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Parent Letter – September 15

Dear LMSV Families,

We have decided to postpone the district’s reopening date to the week of November 30th at the earliest. November 30th is the first day of the second trimester for the majority of our schools.

In a presentation to the County Board of Supervisors earlier today, Dr. Wilma Wooten (County Public Health Officer) shared that the county’s COVID-19 case rate per 100,000 residents is now 7.9%. If the rate continues above 7.0% for a second week, the county will be placed in the purple tier on the State’s reopening system of COVID-19 risk. Purple indicates the highest risk. Since the county is currently in the red tier, schools are permitted to open. Dr. Wooten has stated that if the county moves into purple, schools will still be permitted to open (if they have yet to do so). However, officials with the California Department of Education have indicated this may not be the case. 

Even though the county has yet to be placed at the purple tier, we feel it is best to postpone the reopening date. We do not want our teachers, students, and families to feel like they are in limbo as the county is on the verge of enacting further restriction. Postponing things now will allow us to watch the health data closely, over time, and observe how neighboring districts fare as many have reopened in some capacity. 

The deadline for the “Learning Options Survey” is still Thursday, September 17. However, prior to reopening, we will reactivate the survey so you can change your program option if you’d like to (to either hybrid or 100% online). Please be sure to complete your school’s survey by Thursday. The information is critical to the planning process at your school. 
We know that this is an incredibly difficult time for everyone. We all want to do the very best thing for our children and students. The fact that this is such an unprecedented time leaves us all with a sense of uncertainty in terms of the decisions we have to make (both as parents and as educators). Many are struggling and we need to extend grace and support to each other now more than ever. Thank you for your continued patience. We are in this together.


David Feliciano
Superintendent, La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools 

Frequently Asked Questions – September 14

We just published an exhaustive list of Frequently Asked Questions on the topics of reopening schools, hybrid and online learning, and health and safety procedures. We will work to keep these questions up-to-date based on current health regulations. Click here to view our new FAQ page.

Preguntas frecuentes en Español

Parent Letter – September 10

Dear LMSV Families,

As we begin the transition to hybrid learning, we know there are many questions about how it might impact your child. There are lots of misconceptions out there and we want to provide clarity. I am truly sorry for the stress and confusion this has caused for your family. I need to share a few things with you prior to a more lengthy FAQ letter next week (see below). 

Answers to Questions
We are compiling a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we have received from our families. We will be sharing the FAQs on Monday.  We hope this additional information will help you make a decision about the best next step for your family, whether that is hybrid or online learning. 

Survey Deadline Extended
We have decided to extend the survey until Thursday, 9/17/20, so that you have time to review the FAQs, ask questions, and make an informed choice. If you have already submitted a response and want to make a different selection, you can simply resubmit your survey. The school will use your most recent survey submission.  

As we begin the transition to hybrid learning, we know there are many questions about how it might impact your child. There are lots of misconceptions out there and we want to provide clarity. I am truly sorry for the stress and confusion this has caused for your family. I need to share a few things with you prior to a more lengthy FAQ letter next week (see below). 

Online Students Will Be Served by their School
One of the biggest concerns we have heard from families is the fear of losing their connection to their school and teacher during the shift to hybrid learning. I want to assure you that your child will be served by their existing school, regardless of whether they are a hybrid or online student. They will not be assigned to a centralized and unknown “distance learning teacher.” 

Every year, at the beginning of the year, some classes are reorganized based on enrollment in each grade at the school. This is difficult, but unavoidable due to the fluctuations in student enrollment at different grade levels and limited funds for staffing. We always make these changes as early in the year as possible. This year (like all years) reorganization is possible for any class (hybrid or online). Also, this year, depending on enrollment of online students, a school may need to partner with another school in the area to share a particular grade level or course. For example, a teacher might serve an online class of students from both Fletcher and Northmont. Nonetheless, those students will be with students from their school and will remain a student at their school. Your principal will be able to answer more specific questions about placement once all of the survey data is collected and analyzed. Next week’s FAQ will address other questions as well.

Questions About COVID-19 Rates in the County
You may have heard the news about the worsening case rates of COVID-19 in San Diego County. Many have asked what impact this may have on our plans. If the county moves to the purple tier (tier I) prior to October 12 (our goal reopening date), we will have to postpone our reopening plans. 

We truly recognize how difficult this is. We are living it with our families too. There are conflicting opinions and demands on all sides. We are making every possible effort to find a middle ground and do what’s best for kids. No matter what, we know people will be upset because there are no obvious solutions. I want you to know that regardless of what your opinion is, or what choice you make for your child (hybrid or in-person), they will be loved and supported by our teachers and staff. We are here to serve you. 

Please watch for the FAQs on Monday.


David Feliciano
Superintendent, La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools

Parent Letter – September 3

Dear LMSV Families,

I want to thank you for a successful start to the school year. It’s incredible to see teachers, staff, and parents alike working so hard to support our students. Be sure to take a look at the great photos of LMSV families on Instagram at the #FirstDayLMSV and #LMSVHeart hashtags. These images serve as powerful reminders that even though we are physically apart, we are in this together. 

Now that San Diego County is no longer on the state’s COVID-19 watchlist, schools are permitted to begin reopening. We have been preparing to welcome students back to campus for months, including establishing cleaning protocols, investing in protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies, and creating plans unique to each school campus for how students and staff can maximize distancing as they navigate through their day.  In order to accomplish this, LMSV will reopen our schools in a hybrid learning format, where no more than half of the students in a class will attend school on any given day. Our goal is to begin hybrid learning the week of October 12th.   

During hybrid learning, students will attend school two days a week, and work at home three days a week. The hybrid learning schedule will look like this:

Reopening in a hybrid format will allow us to provide instruction to smaller cohorts of students so that we can maximize physical distancing within each classroom. This will be critical to lessen the impact of required closures or quarantines in the event of suspected cases of COVID-19.  Students and staff will also be required to wear face coverings, there will be daily health screenings, increased cleaning and sanitization of high touch areas, and increased handwashing (and more) per health guidelines. We believe that reopening in a hybrid model is the best way to ensure that we can provide in-person instruction to the greatest number of students in a stable and safe environment. 

We know that many families are not comfortable returning to on-campus learning, even in a hybrid format. Those that wish to remain in 100% online learning will have the option to do so, however, online students will likely be assigned to a new teacher once hybrid learning begins in October. Online teachers may serve students from multiple schools, depending on the number of online students at each grade level. If you choose online learning now, and wish to return to the classroom later this year, placement may be delayed or limited based on space availability (depending on the school and space within each cohort at that time). Online students will continue to be connected to their current school, which means they will continue to receive communications from their school’s principal and PTA, and the students will be able to attend their current school next year in 2021-22 (in person). 

Later this week, you will hear from your school principal regarding your preferences for online vs. hybrid learning for this school year.  Your child’s principal will also provide information about how students will be assigned to hybrid learning cohorts.  

Please note: Everything I have shared above is based on current health regulations at the state and local level as of September 3, 2020. As we have seen over the past six months, an executive order from the governor, or a revised health order from the county health officer can change things in an instant. We will, of course, let you know if changes occur, but know that we are trying to provide as much stability as we possibly can for our students.

Though we are excited to begin welcoming students back on campus, we know people have strong feelings about reopening schools on all sides. Please recognize that we are doing our best to safely accommodate all of our families. It’s important that we remain positive for our kids and continue to extend grace and kindness to all. We need to support each other through these challenging times. Thank you for your continued support and patience. 

Gratefully Yours,

David Feliciano
Superintendent, La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools

Parent Letter – August 14

Dear LMSV Families,

Only two more weeks to go until the first day of school for the 2020-21 school year! Although we’re sad that we won’t be able to greet you in-person when school begins, we are committed to making the first day a special one for our students. I am sending this letter to update you on a few topics as the start of school is just around the corner. 

COVID-19 Recovery Grant 
We are excited to share that La Mesa-Spring Valley was one of only three districts in the state to receive the School-Based Healthcare Solutions Network (SBHSN) COVID-19 Recovery Grant. The grant was provided so our schools can better support students’ and families’ mental health and well-being in the face of the global crisis. The grant will fully fund and provide ten, full-time, licensed mental health care professionals to support our schools for the next five years. The mental health professionals will be able to work with students individually and in groups, support teachers and parents, and do a variety of other things to support our students and families. This will enable us to realize our vision to provide a higher level of social-emotional care to our families. You can read more about the grant award here.

Planning for Reopening Schools
As I shared last month, schools within counties on the state’s COVID-19 monitoring/watch list are not permitted to open for in-person instruction until the county has been off the monitoring list for 14 consecutive days (by order of the governor). We are beginning the year online because San Diego County is currently on the monitoring list. However, we are hopeful the county will be off the list in the not too distant future. Once schools can reopen, we will begin the process to safely bring students back on campus in a hybrid/blended learning environment with cohorts of students attending school in-person two days a week and online three days a week. Masks will be required for in-person attendance and classes will be limited to less than half the normal number of students. This will allow us to maximize physical distancing while students are on campus. We are working on a hybrid learning plan now and will share more details in the weeks to come. As we have shared, parents will have the option to choose 100% online learning if they are not comfortable with their children attending school in person. 

Waiver Process
Late last week, the county department of health introduced a process to provide select elementary schools (grades TK-6) waivers to reopen even while the county remains on the state monitoring list. We have analyzed the requirements and believe our schools would not qualify for the waiver. This is likely a moot point as COVID-19 case rates continue to decline and San Diego County is projected to be off the monitoring list soon. 

School Outreach
In the coming days, you can expect to receive details from your school about online learning and device distribution. Please remember that this unprecedented year is new territory for everyone. When the pandemic started in March, there was a collective sentiment that we were all in this together. As our community has faced crisis on top of crisis, our collective patience has worn thin (understandably so). Please extend grace to one another as we move into this new year. We need it as much as you do. Our kids are depending on us to remain positive and model courage and hope through this crisis. This has been especially difficult for us as parents and our kids need us to be a source of comfort during this time of uncertainty. We continue to be in this together.

We are here to support you and we remain committed to your family and the education of your children. We endeavor to have a parent’s heart for each and every one of our students. We look forward to seeing you all soon.  


David Feliciano
Superintendent, La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools

Parent Letter – July 30

Dear LMSV Families,

I want you to know just how much we miss seeing you all face to face. I know that we are many months into this pandemic, and though we have become more accustomed to operating in this new reality, I believe we need to keep this from becoming the “new normal” in our minds. Nothing about this is normal. A virtual community is not enough. Our kids need personal interaction at least as much as we do ourselves. So while it’s essential to do the very best we can with the current state of things (as we all sacrifice to protect the health and safety of our community), we should continue to lament the fact that we can’t all be together in person. I want the current situation to seem as shocking and uncomfortable today as it did when schools closed five months ago. 

I’m sending this email today to share a short video about online learning in LMSV. We put this video together to provide a concise overview of how students will engage in online learning once school begins on August 27th. Please watch the video here.

We need to know if you need a computer or internet access as it will be critical for all students to have access to a computer or mobile device and the internet once online learning begins. We are ready to provide a device and even internet connectivity free of charge for all students in need. Please complete this survey to share your technology needs with us.

In the coming weeks, you can expect to hear from your school and teacher. As things develop at the county and state level, we will continue to keep you up-to-date. Though we are anxiously awaiting the time when we can bring students back on campus, we are excited to begin the new year online with you. Let’s continue to make the best out of this current reality of school closures, and hope the time will soon come when we can all be together in person again. Thanks for your continued support.


David Feliciano, Superintendent

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